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Data Science is one of the revolutionary technologies that is being talked about in the current times. Although many people have heard the term ‘Data Science’ yet only some know about this in a real sense.

You may be among the lot that wishes to become Data Scientists, but before enrolling in a Data Science Course Kolkata, it is important to understand the pros and cons of this field. Read along this blog to know in detail about everything related to Data Science.

Data Science is all about the extraction, analysis, visualization, management and storage of data to build insights which help companies make data-driven decisions. Use of both unstructured and structured data is done in this field. This has roots in computer science, statistics, as well as math. This field has huge job opportunities at its disposal and comes with lucrative salary packages as well.

Data Science- Understanding the pros and cons

The massive field of Data Science has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Reading through the following lines, you will be able to assess all things carefully and decide on whether a Data Science Course Kolkata will be ideal for you.

Starting with the advantages of this field

  • This is something that is high in demand
    Data Science is a field that holds high demand across different companies. If you are someone who wants to secure a good job offer, this is the field for you. Job opportunities are fast growing in this sector and students or professionals who are planning to undergo a course in the field of data science are ideally doing the best thing for themselves.
  • Abundant opportunities are available
    The number of people holding the required skills for the profession of data scientist are still less in number. But in comparison to that the available openings are quite high. The dearth of skilled professionals has made this field the least competitive when it comes to searching for a job. So you can very well imagine that you will be able to easily grab hold of a job opportunity if you have relevant skill sets to showcase.
  • This field is quite a versatile one
    Data science is a field that has applications in a number of sectors like banking, eCommerce, healthcare and an endless list. This clearly shows how vast the career prospects will be that you come across and depending on the choice of the sector that you wish to go to, you can select the company. All you have to do is begin with the right institute to enroll for Data Science Course Kolkata.
  • Companies need useful resources
    Data scientists are required by companies to analyze the data with them and also work towards improving their quality. The companies out there are waiting to bring on board useful resources to help them with this task of improvising the data quality.
  • A career that is adventurous
    If you are someone who does not want to stick to boring and mundane tasks at work then data science is the field for you. You will be entitled to make smart products using data and help companies make the most of data available to them and no two days are same for a Data Scientist at work.

Taking a look at the disadvantages of this field

Although a career in data science may sound lucrative for many but there are a number of disadvantages associated with this field.

  • The term itself is a blurry one
    The term data science is a very generic one and does not define anything in specific. It would be difficult for anyone to describe exactly what this field is about. Depending on the sector that an organisation belongs to, the work role of a data scientist would vary from organisation to organisation.
  • Becoming a master of data science is a very challenging task
    Undoubtedly any aspirant would enroll to a Data Science Course Kolkata but it would still be impractical for the candidate to become a master of this easily. As this particular stream deals with everything from Computer Science, Statistics and Mathematics, it is practically impossible for a person to be a master of all three things at the same time.

After understanding all the pros and cons of this field, as an aspirant you would be able to clearly distinguish whether you want to pursue a career in this field or not. If your answer is yes then you should wait no longer and enroll yourself at an institute that offers the best Data Science Course Kolkata.


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