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Archita Biswas

I had a very nice experience working with Coding Objects team, their way of teaching and guiding was very helpful for my skills. In case of any problem I had dealing with data, the faculty has helped at its best and made me learn a lot. All over it was a great experience with great teaching faculty. Thank you.

Mashiat Amin farin

This course has helped me a lot to understand what data science is and how to think like a data scientist. I also learned why we need to understand data with remarkable audiences. The mentors were superbly helpful with immense knowledge of the industry and their subject matter.

Paulomi Das

It was really a great experience to know the aspect of data science in real life. I got an insight into how actual data is all about today's date. It is really exciting to join Coding Objects as an intern and I’m looking forward to learning more skills from this opportunity.

Mahamudul Islam

I have learned a plethora of topics after joining the program. All of the trainees are outstanding and have academic experience. ‘m very excited to work as an intern with Coding Objects and learn more creative and analytical skills.

Pratiksha Mandal

Thank you Coding Objects for selecting and giving me an opportunity to work on the team. I’m thankful to all the teachers and staff for their guidance and for helping me throughout the course of ‘Data Science with R’ till its completion. I’ve learned and gained a lot of knowledge on Data Science.

Saikat Kar

The way of teaching and the way of problem-solving is very nice. All the teaching faculties are very good in their way of teaching. I had a great experience throughout this journey.

Anusri Sil

It is a really great opportunity to learn the different aspects of data Science through Softanbees’s online training program. I came to understand all about what real-life data is like and how it’s analyzed. Participating in Data Hustle was a great experience for me, and also very helpful in providing insight into the topic of data science. Thank you Soften Bees for providing me with this opportunity to broaden my horizons through this competition.

Tamanna Binte Akbar

It is really great opportunity to learn the different aspects of Data Science through Softanees’s course. All the trainers monitored me constantly & this helped me with immense knowledge about this topic. I’m really excited to be a part of the internship program. Thank you Softanbees for the chance

Yashparna De

being a part of Softanbees had been an incredible experience. The course has helped me a lot to understand what data science is from its core including why we need it and how to use and implement its concepts using R and advanced excel. The faculties have put a lot of effort into simplifying and teaching each topic with proper examples. It has increased my interest in data science and I’m grateful to be a part of this course and the team

Krishnamita Banerjee

Being a part of Softanbees, initially as a student and now as an intern, it has been a wonderful journey, learning a lot of new stuff7 and exploring new dimensions of technological advancements and applications. I’m glad to have such an opportunity which will definitely provide me a new turn in my career and also widen up my future scopes.

Ritick Sarkar

I had started my journey as a trainee in Softanbees when I was in my final year, after completing the training program I got immense opportunities from here, being selected as INTERN I have gone through many projects with real-time data, one such application that I personally enjoy doing is RCM. I even got the opportunity to serve two of the biggest industries in India i.e Tata Power and Reliance power as a corporate junior training assistant. I am working full time with softanbees after my college days and it boost my financial situation as well as my confidence. This experience and exposure help me join one of my dream company Emerson. I can’t thank you enough, as all the espouse is beyond my expectation. It’s really fulfilling to see how these opportunities shape up ones’ sustainable future growth. All the best, keep up the good work.