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Deep learning is a part of machine learning which is again the part of artificial intelligence. It doesn’t matter whether you are a person belonging to the field of data science or not, you still have heard about the concepts of machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence in recent years. Many times these terms have been used interchangeably but we should not forget that each has its unique meaning and it is very important to understand how each of the sectors differs from the other. It can ideally be said that deep learning is the subset of machine learning which is again the subset of artificial intelligence.

Once you enroll at any institute offering Machine Learning Course Kolkata, you will get a deep insight into the same.

Taking a look at the difference between Deep Learning and Machine Learning

As per Oxford, the definition of AI is as follows- “the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.” Britannica also has quite the same definition for it- “the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings.”

Deep learning and Machine learning are two different types of AI. To be precise, machine learning is Artificial Intelligence that can adapt automatically with very little interference from humans. Whereas Deep learning is the subset of Machine learning that makes the use of artificial neural networks to imitate learning processes of the brain.

In short,
Machine learning
• Is a subset of AI
• Can train on small data sets
• Requires more intervention from
• Shorter training required
• Lower accuracy
• Makes linear correlations
• Can train over a CPU

Deep learning
• Is a subset of machine learning
• Needs larger amounts of data
• Learns on its own from surrounding and past errors
• Longer training required
• Higher accuracy
• Makes complex correlations
• Needs specialized GPU to train

These are just the highlights, you will better understand the deets when you enroll for a Machine Learning Course Kolkata.

Now delving into the understandings of machine learning

Machine learning is the study of computer systems that train themselves and automatically adapt from prior experience, without having to be programmed explicitly. Innumerable institutes have come up that offer Machine Learning Course Kolkata. With the help of simple AI algorithms, programmers can instruct machines ways to respond to different sets of instructions with codes for each such decision. With models of machine learning, scientists are able to train a system by feeding it with relevant data. The system then follows algorithms—to conduct analysis and draw conclusions from this data.

A peek into the concepts of deep learning

Algorithms of Machine Learning need intervention by humans for any correction if they go wrong somewhere, but the algorithms of Deep Learning can self-improve through repetition, even without any human intervention. Algorithms of Machine Learning can learn using small sets of data, whereas algorithms of Deep Learning need big sets of data that are diverse and unstructured. Deep learning can be considered as an evolution of Machine learning that layers algorithms and neurons into an artificial neural network. These seek inspiration from the human brain where the data get passed through a web of algorithms that are interconnected in a non-linear manner.

Getting skilled in Machine Learning

It is ideal to not opt for self tutoring in this case and instead opt for an institute that offers Machine Learning Course Kolkata. Courses are such designed that fulfill the industry requirement. You can enroll for certifications in machine learning from trusted institutes so that your money does not go into waste. While undergoing the training, make sure that you go through some practical work to include in your portfolio to stand out in the crowd.

Learning this course will be an ongoing process. This is so because this field is ever growing and changing, so learning machine learning is an ongoing process and therefore you should have an open mind for learning when enrolling in a Machine Learning Course Kolkata.


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