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If you are a student pursuing a computer science degree then you must well know how essential programming languages are in today’s time. But not just students from this background, students from other streams like arts and commerce can also opt for a career in the IT sector by enrolling in basic programming language for beginners. Such is the flexibility that the IT sector offers and welcomes professionals from different educational backgrounds. There are a number of institutes that offer technical IT courses to help students from non-technical backgrounds switch to the IT sector. As per a survey that was conducted towards the end of 2020, almost 70% of the people working in the IT sector were not directly connected to the technical field during their graduation years. Very few people were noted who had their educational background in a technical stream.

Coding has become an inevitable part in today’s time and is directly or indirectly linked with all the major sectors that are ruling the global market. So if you enroll in a course that teaches basic programming for beginners, you will be able to get a lot of benefits like-

  • A lucrative career with a high package
  • Gain an upper hand in the industry
  • Opt for a diversified career
  • Technically support your business as a freelancer

The primary reason why you are reading this blog must be that you are also interested in pursuing a career in the IT sector but are not sure about how to go about it. You can always reach out to career counsellors at IT training institutes to help you decide which career path would be ideal for you depending on whether you are from a technical or non-technical background.

So what are the beginner programming courses that you should opt for to have a bright career ahead?

There are more than hundreds of Computer programming languages that you can learn but being a beginner or someone from a non technical background you should opt for something that has future career prospects and also that will help you gain an upper hand.


Become a Hero from Zero in the IT sector with Python training that is available at most training institutes that offer basic programming courses for beginners. This is a very versatile language that has multiple uses and is also the fastest-growing language in today’s time. Having your skills perfected in Python will make you a highly sought after profile. Right from the basics to the professional level need to be at your fingertips for you to get hold of good job opportunities.

Web Designing

Many people prefer to work with the lighter side of coding and this is where a career in web designing will be helping them. During this course beginners are taught about CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap and JavaScript. Once you master these technologies, you will be able to develop high-quality websites that are mobile-responsive as well. When you enroll for web designing as a part of the beginner programming courses you will slowly be able to build your portfolio as well which will help you secure good job opportunities.

App Development

Having prior knowledge of a basic programming language for beginners will help you to opt for an app development training program. This is also a highly in-demand skill in today’s time and when you enroll at the right institute, there is no looking back and all you get is a smooth and successful career ahead.

These are just a few to name as programming choices for IT enthusiasts and once you step into any training institute you will have a clear picture of the entire scenario. So hurry up and take the first step towards this journey.


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