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  • September 24, 2021
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Programming, a new hobby for the 21st century &
young generation of Bangladesh: an interactive study
from StackOverflow

“Happy is the man who can make a living by his hobby” -George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright, critic,
polemicist, and political activist

As for now, hobbies have been considered a regular task that is done for amusement, usually during
leisure time and not professionally. But with the rapid growth of competition and complications, hobbies
have been an ideal example for recreation and remuneration as well nowadays. The Young generation
has been trying to find out their passion and vision on the same platform and as a result, it shows that a
lot of people are now involved in problem-solving more precisely computer programming.

According to a recent study on StackOverflow we have found that more than fifty thousand, 50,388
users are comfortable with programming as a hobby. Although 14,028 respondents have not been
active in programming as a hobby, that is a great indication that people are not only learning
programming to survive in this competitive era but enjoying programming as well.

Participants from Bangladesh and other countries:

Among the respondents, it can be seen that most of the respondents are from the United States of
America with 12,469 users, India is in the second position with 8403 respondents, the United Kingdom
with 3896, and Germany with 3890 respondents. Countries like Canada (2191), France(1898), Brazil (
1818), Netherlands (1343), Poland( 1278), Australia (1208), Spain (1161), Italy (1117), Russian
Federation( 1092) have participated in the survey. Other than that countries from South Asia, Pakistan
has also participated. From Bangladesh 609 people have participated in the survey which is
comparatively better than other developing countries as the number of participants might show the
interest of people across the countries.

Programming as Hobby: What is the response in

It is aspiring that most of the respondents from Bangladesh have answered affirmatively in the survey,
Among 609 respondents while 105 have answered negatively 504 have said their hobby is
programming. In a country like Bangladesh where educational opportunities are not enough according
to the ratio of the population, doing programming as a hobby is inspirational as many people might not
have enough opportunity to learn or code for academic purposes, people can code as their hobby and
explore programming with their accessible media.

The young generation in the programming sector:

While it is clear that the maximum number of teenagers from the city area is now involved in tech
enthusiasm, most of the coders have started their code in their 20. It might have started as
interest or not but in the end, it has become a hobby come passion. In A recent study from
Stackoverflow, we have found that people started coding the very first at the age of 17-22. Among
the respondents, it also holds major significance that young individuals from 10-14 age have
started coding at a primary age of their education which certainly is a hope for the country.
Another matter of optimism is that the new generation of Bangladesh is not only wasting time on
youtube for entertainment and recreation but also trying to inspect and explore the new tech
movement by coding.

Which platforms are on-trend?

Programming has been on trend for the tech industry for several years but striking to a comfortable platform is also necessary for the users. Looking at the survey it can be said that
most of the respondents have been using Windows as an operating system. Among the
respondents 330 people have been using Windows, 119 people have been using Linux-based
and 50 people are using macOS. As for now, Windows is on top of being user-friendly and fast
speed. Also, the latest versions have more built-in security which enhances performance as
well. Linux users are also getting the opportunity as Linux is also available with a decent
comprehensive collection of software and this software is usually needed for desktops,
laptops/notebooks, and PC servers

Why programming an ideal hobby for Bangladeshi
job seekers

As the demand for computing innovations and solutions is increasing day by day, choosing
computer programming as a career path is definitely a good initiative. As unemployment is one
of the major problems in Bangladesh, programming can be a significant opportunity for
numerous career opportunities as most of the professional occupations nowadays require digital
competencies, including programming.

According to, some of the best-paid jobs in Bangladesh are :

Best Paid jobs
  • Data Entry Assistant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Financial Analyst
  • Trader
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Blogger
  • SEO Consultant
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Virtual or Executive Assistant
  • Organizational Development Manager

Websites like and others have found that most of the best-paid jobs require
computer skills and programming. While looking at the requirements, jobs like Data entry,
analyst, developers, and managers need to have good programming language as well. Thus,
having programming as a hobby is much more beneficial than others.

Platform desired for the next year:

From the study, the respondents are quite hopeful for the platforms like Windows, Linux,
Android, and AWS. Among the respondents, 216 people have voted for Linux, Android (189),
AWS(185), and Windows (179). It is a tough prediction that while most of the respondents are
using Windows for these several years, Linux is on top of the desired platform. Platforms like
Docker(167), Google Cloud Platform( 140), IOs(98), WordPress (84) are also on the list.

To summarize, we can address that Bangladesh is climbing high using the ladder of technology
day by day. For evidence, the development among the young programmers and tech
enthusiasts from the recent past days are quite satisfying. Whether it is for the purpose of self
recreation or others, programming, as well as technology, has gathered a lot of young people
together to work on for the betterment of the country. Although development is ongoing, there
are also much more steps for the technological sector in Bangladesh. Mostly, utilizing our young
generation to form an improved and rationalized next generation so that they can support the
country’s acceleration towards the peak of evolution.


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